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Re: [802.3af] Re: QUESTION To our S-Teamed Editor

Hi Mike

I do not recall all of this being Terry's.
even if it is 802.3, are we not worried what a 120 vdc would do to the 
parts, in either environment C being discussed or Environment A if it
is applied differentially across the pairs... my concern is we find that
such a spec can not be met under the new conditions...

it may take some work to verify that we can meet such specs...
my 2c


At 09:42 AM 7/24/01 -0400, Mike_S_McCormack@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>In his presentation, Terry stated that these were the requirements of 802.3 as
>they are today, though many may be included by reference.  At least that is my
>Mike (not editor)