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RE: [802.3af] FW: ETSI standard for Line power for IP terminals

Hi Bob
it is asking me for a user id, if it is not too much trouble it would be great
if you can dowload and email us the documents.

At 03:04 PM 7/24/01 -0600, Bob Bell wrote:
>My mistake. The active pointers were fro cisco internal. However, if you go
>to the ETSI web site, click on Standards on line, and then
>earch for TR 101 941 and then for ES 201 910 you can download both of the
>documents. I am not sure if I can upload Cisco's copy (in fact, I am sure i
>can't). But the documents are there so that is where you can get them.
>Siorry about that ---- Bob
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>>Subject: RE: [802.3af] FW: ETSI standard for Line power for IP
>>I'm not sure if it's a firewall issue, but I could not access the URL's
>>listed below.
>>The URL directs me to IP address, but does not
>>connect ("a
>>connection with the server could not be established").
>>Kevin Brown
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>>Subject: [802.3af] FW: ETSI standard for Line power for IP terminals
>>To all -
>>I received this pointer and thought it would be good to
>>forward it on to
>>Cheers ---- Bob
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>>From: Colin Wilson [mailto:cpwilson@xxxxxxxxx]
>>Sent: Tuesday, 24 July, 2001 10:23 AM
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>>Subject: Fwd: ETSI standard for Line power for IP terminals
>>ETSI work group TC-AT is developing a standard for line powering of ip
>>phones using ethernet and this also implies a requirement for
>>the equipment
>>supplying power to the phones.  There is a little addition
>>beyond 802.3af
>>in that it incorporates reduced line powering in the event of a network
>>failure, similar to basic rate restricted power.  The intent
>>is to get this
>>standard ratified at the September meeting but there is still
>>quite a bit
>>of work to be done so we can input to the standard if we wish.
>>An ETSI study into the standards for IP phones was published
>>as TR 101 941
>>and available at:
>>Following the completion of the study the draft standard for
>>line powering
>>was started as ES 201 910, which is available at:
>>The work was originally pushed by Phillips but is now being driven by
>>Telecom SA.  Anyone working in this area please contact me to
>>set up some
>>discussions in a smaller group.
>>Colin Wilson
>>>X-Mailer: Novell GroupWise 5.5.4
>>>Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 14:49:18 +0200
>>>From: "Robert Jürgens" <JURGENRW@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>>To: <cpwilson@xxxxxxxxx>
>>>Subject: Line power for IP terminals (resend)
>>>Dear  Colin
>>>Attached please find a draft specification: "Line power for
>>IP terminals"
>>>ES 201 910 V1.1.1 (work item DES/AT0020013 ) for your comment and
>>>input(Iptermlinepowerd2.doc). I have taken the proposal that
>>was discussed
>>>and accepted at the March meeting and compiled it in the correct ETSI
>>>format, adding what I could.
>>>I will appreciate it if you can have good solid look at the
>>>and provide some comments. As you will see, there is still a number of
>>>items outstanding and your input will be highly valued.
>>Please take note
>>>of the 'issues" paragraph at the end of the specification.
>>>If possible, I would like to have the document approved at
>>the September
>>>meeting. (Since the scope of this document is outside of my level of
>>>expertise, I therefore will have to rely on your expertise.)
>>>About the Specification:
>>>The specification is based on the IEEE 802.3af draft 1.1, DTE
>>Power via
>>>the MDI  (also attached) as decided in ETSI. As you will see, IEEE
>>>specifies the power supply characteristics on the LAN side
>>(PSE) as well
>>>as the characteristics for the terminals (PD's) to be able to receive
>>>power from the LAN. This was accepted "as is" in the last
>>ETSI meeting.
>>>Additional to the above, the ETSI specification addresses a
>>possible power
>>>fail situation on the LAN side, which will leave the IP
>>terminal without
>>>power resulting in basic communication breakdown. (The scope
>>of the IEEE
>>>specification does not cover the reliability or
>>interruptability of the
>>>power supply to the terminal.) To achieve basic emergency
>>>with a line powered IP terminal in the event of a power fail,
>>the current
>>>proposal is to specify i) limited (emergency) back up power
>>for the LAN
>>>ii) reduced power consumption for a limited number of "emergency" IP
>>>terminals (to conserve the limited LAN power) and iii) a means of
>>>communicating the switch over from normal to limited power (and visa
>>>versa) to the terminals when the power failure (restoration) occurs.
>>>Main outstanding areas are:
>>>Definition of messages to convey the different power states
>>of the Line
>>>Specification of the backup power when the normal LAN power
>>supply fails.
>>>Please do not hessitate to call me or mail or fax.
>>>Kind regards and thank in advance.
>>>Robert Jürgens
>>>Rapporteur ETS WI DES/AT-020013
>>>TC AT Digital workgroup
>>>Telkom SA - Technical Product Management
>>>tel +27123111041
>>>fax +27123285312
>>>mobile +27825541270
>>>emial: jurgenrw@xxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>This message was also sent to Ed Hay of Mitel