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[802.3af] clocking over ethernet eventually by 802.3af

Hello together,

sorry for dissturbing. I know that this is maybe not the right place to ask
for it but maybe here are the right people to give me a helpful answer.
In principle it could be also a nice add on for 802.3af.

Power over MDI is what we are looking for for several years and it is a
must for several applications like VoIP phones etc. but to fully utilize
and replace ATM, ISDN or other media by ethernet I think at least for
migration a way to synchronize devices would be usefull. An independent
clock source like GPS is not usefull in our application. 
Is there any way to clock or at least sync devices on the ethernet? One way
would be to use e.g. the link pulses but switches donīt guarantee that all
ports are in sync.
The power supply in power over MDI would also be a way to add a sync pulse.
Many thanks in advance for your comments.

Best regards

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