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[802.3af] PD classification current

Mike and all,

Back in St. Louis, we have decided to implement a simple classification
current source in the PD.  The PSE shall have a probe voltage and shall
measure the classification current.  The rationale for this is to keep the
design of the PD classification current source simple.

The question is:   In the recent draft IEEE P802.3af/D1.2, July 5, 2001,
page 9 and 10, the "PSE classification -measured voltage method"  and page
17, table 7 (the voltage parameter spec section) have not been removed.  Did
we change our mind or we just haven't incorporated the decision?

My concern is that a simple current source on the PD which snap on when its
voltage is between 10V to 15V and snap off between 20V to 30V will cause
oscillation and will not meet table 7 on page 17.

Please advise!

Thong Huynh

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