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[802.3af] RE-SEND: Coments to the Register proposals for IEEE 802.3af

Hi all,

I am sorry but the files attachment to first  e-mail made it too large for
reflector so I am re-sending it with the files on the web site.

Hi all
 I am the editor of the IETF Power Ethernet (DTE Power via MDI) MIB .
 I have some comment to the proposals management documents.

 	1. - change the auto  and off to enable and disable.
   2. - delete the both option form this object.
   3. - delete the off option ( it is unsecured feature).
   4. - add test, detected and noValidPD to this object.
   5. - rename the object name to aPSEPowerCurrentStatus.
   6. - add a new  object aPSEPowerVoltageStatus to reflect the
overvoltage and undervoltage state.
   7. - an optional object to GET the usage power for a port.
   8. - an optional object to GET the usage current for a port.
   9. - an optional object to GET the usage voltage for a port. 
   10. - an object for the classification.
	11. - rename the object to acPSEPowerCurrentStatusClear.
   12. - add a object acPSEPowerVoltageStatusClear.
	13. - add an object for the classification of the PD.
   14. change in clause33 to reflect the changes.

I am adding an update document with the changes ( yellow background indicate
the change form the old version) 
on the web site at the URLs -

Avi Berger
NMS Development Manager
> PowerDsine Ltd.  -  Powering Converged Networks
> 1 Hanagar St., P.O. Box 7220
> Neve Ne'eman Industrial Zone
> Hod Hasharon 45421, Israel
Tel:  +972-9-775-5100 Ext.307
Fax: +972-9-775-5111
> mailto: avib@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx