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[802.3af] Comment period closed

While I had every intent on Friday of getting a report out for this morning,
three things conspired to keep me from it - a vacuum leak re-appeared on my
Jeep, the kids needed back to school stuff, and the weather here was perfect.  I
am sure you'll be glad to know, the vacuum leak has been isolate (not fixed);
the kids have shoes, supplies and finished the last summer readings / reports;
and the barbecue and beers were a most relaxing end to summer.  So....

I've started to prepare the report to let all of you (and me) know just how many
comments have been received and by whom, and as a result comments received after
this mail can not be guaranteed to make it in.  Of course, if you have good
feedback, better late than never, but please don't be offended if it can't get
worked in.

I'll be back in touch.

Mike (you know - the editor)