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[802.3af] 802.3af September Interim - Parking Information


This information is courtesy of our gracious host, Gerry Nadeau:

Parking: The hotel has a large outdoor parking lot which is complimentary,
and an underground garage complete with valet service for a charge. No keys
are needed for entering the complimentary lot across the street. Simply pull
up to the gate, take a ticket and the gate will rise to let you enter. The
key is needed to get out. If the attendee is an overnight guest of the
hotel, their individual room key will also be coded for the parking lot for
the duration of their stay. If the guest would like to have valet service
for the underground parking garage (something they will all be asked upon
check in at the front desk), you're overnight guest room key will be coded
for the garage and a charge of $8.00 per day will be applied to their guest
room folio. The valet will lock their keys in a bell closet and when you
need your car, the guest can simply call the front desk and the valet will
bring the vehicle into the courtyard.

If the attendee is simply attending the conference but not staying overnight
they are still welcome to the complimentary lot across the street. They will
take a ticket like everyone else upon entering, but will also need a key to
exit the lot. Each day of the meeting, our banquet staff will provide a
basket of "exit keys" for these people to take upon departure of the hotel.
These keys are only good for the CURRENT DAY. The will not work the
following day to get in and out of the lot. Each day, the attendees not
staying will have to pick up a new exit key to depart the lot. (There is a
slot to put your exit key at the parking gate as they drive out). Valet
service is not available to guests who are not staying in the hotel.

Check in of the guest rooms is guaranteed after 3:00pm (if rooms are ready
earlier, guest will of course be allowed to check in). Check out is @
11:00am on the day of their departure.

See you soon,


Steven B. Carlson
Co-Chair, ESTA Control Protocols Working Group
Chair, ESTA ACN Task Group
Chair, IEEE 802.3af DTE Power via MDI Task Force
High Speed Design, Inc.
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