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[802.3af] Portsmouth Interim


The weather predictions are actually pretty nice for next week, clear at the
beginning, temps in the low 70s during the day and only down to upper 40s at
night, off and on showers at the middle of the week.  Of course, the average New
Englander will tell you weather predictions more that four hours out are pretty
useless.  My suggestion would be to bring a jacket, some of you from warmer
climates may feel like it's the dead of winter.

The timing of the meeting could not be better, from the New England point of
view.  If you have time, the leaves are turning, and with the kids back in
school the roads will not be overcrowded (during the week) should you get the
time to take a drive.  Its also great for getting to the little lobster places
that abound along the coast at a time when a table outside is both available and
pleasant.  However; while we do have a coastal venue, I'd suggest leaving the
swim suit at home as New England's waters never get warm enough for an adult to
swim in.

One final suggestion, bringing a CD drive, I have not gotten the update finished
yet and printing / duplicating prior to Monday is doubtful.

See you soon.


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