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Re: [802.3af] 45Kmin instead of 70Kmin ?

"R karam" <rkaram@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am worried that this is a 'major' change we have 'messed' 
> with this so many times that at this stage of the game, 
> this would require revisiting the details all over...

With 45k impedance, If 3 PSE's were connected together -
(with misconfigured wiring, one at each end, and one midspan - ?)
would it not be possible for one PSE to see the sense 
impedance of the other two PSE's as the correct detection 
resistance?  That is, 45k/2 = 22.5k - in some situations,
for instance the other two PSE's being powered off, will
the third PSE not then try and erroneously power the circuit?