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[802.3af] Additional Comment for SC25/WG3


I would like to ask a small favor of the TAG.
We have a quite minor comment that we would like to add to the US comments for submission against the 11801 2nd Edition Draft.

If you could approve it during the teleconference and add it to the US comments it would be of significant assistance to the work on DTE Power.

ID              NT02 (I think) or perhaps       IEEE 01
line            1827
Clause  10.1.1
E/G/T           Editorial
With the development of DTE Power in IEEE 802.3 the status of "Mid-Span Power Insertion Equipment" is unclear as to whether it should be considered "connecting hardware" or "LAN equipment". Arguments can be made for either as it acts as one for a pair of pairs (i.e. equipment for pins 4,5/7,8) and the other for the "Ethernet pairs" (i.e. connecting hardware for pins 1,2/3,6). Those pairs pass through the mid-span box and terminate at the data transmission LAN equipment.

Inclusion in the example list of 10.1.1 will remove the uncertainty and unambiguously classify it as "equipment".

Proposed change:
Add the follow term to the list of examples on line 1827-1828:
"mid-span power insertion equipment"
The simpler term "power insertion equipment" would also be adequate.


Our expectation is that we will specify 11801 cabling from the Work Area and/or TO to the Mid-Span box. We will then provide our own test criteria for the data pair channel that extends from the Work Area through the Mid-Span box to the LAN data equipment.

This approach has consensus within the P802.3af Task Force.

Thank you very much for your help in this matter.

Best regards,


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