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Re: [802.3af] Gain in the DC/DC

Does not Cat3 imply it is not designed for Fast Ethernet?

Jack Andresen

R karam wrote:
> Hi Yair
> it seems like no vendor is willing to sign up for a freq F say the 77hz you picked
> with zero tolerance, we are talking about integrating the oscillators...
> so if we add 30% tolerance and say for lack of better data today we go to 100hz
> now we are looking at 70-130hz range, what is the 'gain' of dc/dc converters in
> this freq range?  what do we expect the 40-100mv at the input of the PD to
> look like at the output of the converter where the audio is?
> again, i am doing my homework, i mean work-work.
> also Please note that what Dan brought up is important all testing must be with
> cat-3 cables... NOT CAT-5.
> roger