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Re: [802.3af] 802.3af standards


The P802.3af standards proposal is still in Working Group Ballot.

The current proposal supplies a nominal 48 Volts and up to 350 ma to the Powered Device (PD)
The PD is expected to have an isolating DC-DC converter to generate appropriate voltage and current for its internal use.

At 06:06 PM 4/2/02 -0700, Dave Andersen wrote:

Gentlemen, I am being told today by a source that the 802.3af standard has been released for Powering Voice terminals over Ethernet. Can you clarify this for me and where may I obtain information.

Draft 3.0 is available for purchase from the IEEE. See:
and then click on:
        "Purchase IEEE 802.3af Draft."

The current state of the comments and responses is posted on our web site at:

We represent several Manufacturers including Mitel, Avaya and Cisco and all 3 require different operating voltages today. These manufacturers are telling me that the standard is still in discussion and that it could be some time before released.

This is true.

Any information would be helpful and appreciated.

Thank You,

Dave Andersen

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Geoff Thompson