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RE: [802.3af] Category 6 cabling

100BASE-TX and 1000BASE-T were written such that the cabling infrastructure
must meet, at a minimum, the specification for UTP Cat 5 cabling.  This
means that any cabling that exceeds the specification of Cat 5 cabling
should be conformant with the standard; therefore, there is no requirement
to specify operation over Cat 6 or 7 cabling unless they cannot provide
similar operation as can be achieved on Cat 5.  If a specification for Cat 6
or 7 was required for .3af, that would most likely be considered beyond the
scope of the .3af.


Brad Booth
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		I believe 100BASE TX is written to Category 5. The same I
believe is true
		for GigE. Cat 6 and 7 aren't written into either spec... so
I don't know if
		the IEEE has a charter to address this (them?) directly, but
is likely
		deemed 'out of scope' since a non-conformant infrastructure
is being used
		in either case...

		I could be wrong here though

		At 09:57 AM 5/15/2002 -0700, McMillan, Paul wrote:
		>Hello All,
		>As a follow on question that I made earlier, Has anyone
been faced with
		>potential warranty issues from cabling manufacturers?
		>manufacturers referencing channel to channel certification
being voided if
		>power is applied over the cabling infrastructure. This is
specific to a
		>category 6 wiring implementation.  This leads to a more
obvious question
		>which is everything I have read on the 802.3af
specification references
		>category 5 cabling. I assume the category 6 or 7 cabling is
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