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Re: [802.3af] Category 6 cabling


The only thing I know of, the only thing that has come to light at all 
during 802.3af development is that "some manufacturers"  may have not put 
beefy enough trace widths on their circuit boards on some patch panel 
hardware. That is, the traces are not big enough to carry 175 ma (350/2).

There is nothing in any established standard that controls this. This is a 
problem that will sort itself out very quickly once DTE Power starts 
getting deployed.

Geoff Thompson

At 03:49 PM 5/15/02 -0400, Sterling Vaden wrote:

>I know of no current issues with respect to manufacturers warranties.
>The current (DC) that is applied is de-rated considerably from
>established connector requirements, and are designed to existing
>specifications for current capacity of cable and have been de-rated for
>confined cable installation.
>The intention of the standard is to not break any existing cabling or
>devices. Of course if there are any known issues, the committee would be
>interested in hearing about that.
>Sterling Vaden
>"McMillan, Paul" wrote:
> >
> > Hello All,
> >
> > As a follow on question that I made earlier, Has anyone been faced with
> > potential warranty issues from cabling manufacturers? Specifically,
> > manufacturers referencing channel to channel certification being voided if
> > power is applied over the cabling infrastructure. This is specific to a
> > category 6 wiring implementation.  This leads to a more obvious question
> > which is everything I have read on the 802.3af specification references
> > category 5 cabling. I assume the category 6 or 7 cabling is addressed.
> >
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