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Re: [802.3af] Midspan PSE - MDI or not


I support Chris' position

An MDI represents a terminating end to a link segment.
This use is consistent throughout the 802.3 standard.

The interface on a PSE "ain't one of those".

Therefore we should call it something else.

I feel strongly enough about this issue that any variance would be a disapprove comment from me on Sponsor Ballot.

A differentiating label would be nice.


At 10:55 AM 8/15/2002 -0400, Chris DiMinico wrote:
We should resolve the Midspan PSE MDI debate before the next ballot is released.
The issue: A technical comment to draft 3.1 stated that the Midspan has an MDI.
It's not clear from the comment resolution how the issue was resolved and
more important what will appear in the next draft. During the debate on this comment It was
pointed out that the current definition for  MDI (Clause 1.4.170) does not apply to Midspan PSE.
In order to make progress in generating the next draft I offer the following proposal:
Resolution(1): Call it something else.
Justification: I favor completing the compatibility interface specifications for the Midspan PSE without
reference to MDI in order to proceed without the burden of changing the definition of MDI
(current usage and understanding) and without the additional complexity of explaining the work
area or equipment cable PSE.
What to call it?: Geoff Thompson sugested we call it "MPI" for Midspan Power Interface?