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[802.3af] My comments

I have submitted my vote just moments ago and I have dissented for the
reasons for which I discussed with our group at the plenary.  It may be
slightly distressing so some of you with whom I have met since the
presentations to learn that I once again believe that the proper place to
address the isolation issue of double insulated PDs is with in our group.
I have various reasons for this which were not stated in my ballot comment,
but basically convinced that our respective companies do not currently meet
the letter of the isolation requirements and any attempt to change the
general requirements of 802.3 would be met with major resistance for this
reason.  I suggest that we can insert a sentence into the PHY requirements
allowing double insulated devices with out drawing more fire than necessary
(which is to say that it will draw fire.)

Oh yeah, I've objected to the 350 mA requirement for all PSEs too.

If I do not hear from you sooner, I will be glad to discuss my points at
the interim.