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[802.3af] Re: [Hubmib] IEEE Interim Meeting - WG Last Call for Power EthernetMIB

On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, Romascanu, Dan (Dan) wrote:

> I attended last week one of the sessions of the IEEE 802.3af (Power
> Ethernet) interim meeting.  I gave a short presentation focused on a
> outline of the last Power Ethernet MIB, which is now in WG Last Call.
> I received several comments which I would like to bring to the
> attention of the WG, and be considered as comments to the last call.

It is good to get these comments.

> Here are the IEEE folks comments:
[ ... ]
> 5. Recommend a separate conformance clause for pethMainPseTable, which
> is a 'high-end' feature

Note that pethCompliance already does this by making pethMainPseGroup
conditionally required:

           GROUP   pethMainPseGroup
               "The pethMainPseGroup is mandatory for systems which
               implement main power supply within a PSE Device."

since pethMainPseGroup includes all the accessible columns in
the pethMainPseTable.

Thus, if my previous suggestion to eliminate pethPseCompliance and
pethPdCompliance in favor of pethPseCompliance is accepted, then
this comment will be addressed, too.  (The alternative is to eliminate
pethCompliance and make more specific compliance statements;  that's
not as simple, but it's OK.  There shouldn't be any redundant
compliance statements, however.)

> After the meeting I learnt about another important change, which will
> impact the MIB:
> 7. The PD group is no longer mandatory - this actually means that the
> pethPfPortTable can be taken out of the MIB

Comment:  there is one accessible column in pethPdPortTable, namely 
pethPdPortAdminEnable, and if this goes then pethPdPortGroup goes
with it.  That would eliminate the corresponding GROUP clause of
pethCompliance (and would completely eliminate pethPdCompliance).