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Re: [802.3af] comment #178


I am in favor of dropping the signature detection too for what Rick Brooks 
even better the cisco way would be the best.
since we are still messing with classification i thought such a request at 
this stage
would not be way off....

At 03:04 PM 1/22/2003, Mike_S_McCormack@xxxxxxxx wrote:

>I would not be adverse to folding Class 0 into Class 3 since we have
>determined that PDs must provide a stable classification signature, its
>just that a stable detection signature over the classification voltage is
>also a valid classification signature now.  (That is if I remember what we
>had done in Vancouver2.)
>As far as dropping Class 4, we need that if we want to leave room for
>future engineers to expand the power stuff.
>We reserve the range in the PD as class 4, which I imagine we can drop.
>End the classification region for PDs at the end of Class 3, and thereby
>reserve Class 4 be default.  But a PSE built to day needs to know what to
>do when it runs into a device in what we intend for future stuff, and our
>only rule for future Class 4 devices is that Class 4 device better not
>start out more than class 3 requirements because that is what a legacy
>(legacy once the next group updates the spec.) PSE will do to get started.
>My two cents.
>PS - is there anyway we can get a rule in .3 that we will not recycle
>meeting cities until all groups that met in that city have finished?  It
>makes it more difficult to specify when a decision was made.  While we're
>doing that, we should insert a rule about no plenary meetings at airport
>"Chad Jones" <cmjones@xxxxxxxxx> on 01/22/2003 05:48:22
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>Subject:  [802.3af] comment #178
>Colleagues: anyone have thoughts on this comment?  I'm not sure which way
>go with this comment.
>CommentID:  178
>CommenterName:  Thaler, Pat
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>Clause:  33
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>It would be more reader friendly to have the value match the class number
>that is supported. It also isn't clear why Classes 3 and 4 are lumped
>together. Also, it isn't clear why the last value isn't simply Class 3
>the text says it is the highest power supported. Class 4 is currently
>undefined but the table says it is limited to the same max power as Class
>Class 0 means that the power will be less than or equal to Class 3.
>Therefore the highest power would be Class 3.
>Same comment applies to do_classification on page 42 line 44
>Values: 1   Class 1
>         2   Class 2
>         3   Class 3
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