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Re: [802.3af] My quest for low power PSEs continues

I'd agree with this.

Given the existing regulatory labelling requirements, I'm not sure that
adding port power identification is overly onerous. In fact, it would seem
to me that it would have definite user benefits. We already allow power
allocation on multi-port PSE devices, so the user of such devices would
hopefully find such functional information in the product documentation or
on the device itself anyway.

By extension, the same ID requirement could apply to a single port device
that provides less than the mandated 15.4W. In fact, it could be argued
that port power ID of such a device may be more problematic due to its
lower cost and smaller physical size. Still I'd rather add a label than
provide 15.4W when it's not required.

Scott on 01/23/2003 08:59:56 AM

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Subject:  Re: [802.3af] My quest for low power PSEs continues

If we're looking to compromise, between labeling and low wattage, what if
we require all PSEs with less than 15.4W output capacity be labeled, and
test to 15.4W or the labeled limit, which ever is less?  This would allow
vendors to pick thier poison:

You don't have to label, but then you have to provide 15.4W, or
You don't have to provide 15.4W, but then you have to label.

Fair trade or not?