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Re: [802.3af] efficent PSEs


At 02:47 PM 1/23/2003 -0500, Mike_S_McCormack@xxxxxxxx wrote:

If we are breaking to opinion pieces, I can't sit by.

Why am I not surprised :^)>    ?

A) I want to finish, I do not want to have a plan that keeps me attending
for years to come.

Me too, therefore no change.

I like you guys, but I don't know how many more rousing
dissertations on how to sign the attendance books I can take.

I (or my successor) will be happy to put in the change without your smiling face, "when the time comes".

2) I heard the stories about how after Ethernet was running over fiber it
would be so cheap nobody would want a high speed copper solution.  Well
guess what, that did not happen, the market demands cheap, and so the
working group is assembled in fire drill fashion to keep 10GE from falling
into unspecified market mayhem.  Ethernet wasn't an 800 pound fiber

I would be willing to bet that Ethernet is the 800 pound gorilla in fiber. It is just that one 800 pound gorilla doesn't have a chance against the thunder herd of elephants that is copper Ethernet.

it will not be an 800 pound power supply gorilla either.

* The market is trained NOW to look at power supplies to determine if they
are appropriate for the application.  Who will be the first to bring up the
fact that users expect 100% operational compatibility when the two year
window expires and we allow ourselves to become cost effective?

IV) I would like to know who has gone to their marketing department and
gotten the OK to increase the cost of their power supply, not for the good
of their own products, but for the benefit of end users who are bent on
using it for other products.

We have precedence for labeling and it is well within our purview.  We
should complete our task NOW and not plan on leaving a mess to clean up


This all comes down to opinion about which is best.
At this point, I think everybody has all of the information they need to make their decision.
We need to use the process, determine the outcome and move on.