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RE: [802.3af] My quest for low power PSEs continues


Yes, I am only worried about the single port PSE that ships with, or as an
accessory to, some specific PD.  The access point with the in line power
supply in its box, the single port PSE for the customers who can live with
wall warts for phones in Dilbertland (in cubicles) but want the CEO's
office to look nice, etc.


Yair Darshan <YairD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> on 01/24/2003 03:01:17 PM

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Subject:  RE: [802.3af] My quest for low power PSEs continues

Are we talking only a single port system?

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Subject: Re: [802.3af] My quest for low power PSEs continues

If we're looking to compromise, between labeling and low wattage, what if
we require all PSEs with less than 15.4W output capacity be labeled, and
test to 15.4W or the labeled limit, which ever is less?  This would allow
vendors to pick thier poison:

You don't have to label, but then you have to provide 15.4W, or
You don't have to provide 15.4W, but then you have to label.

Fair trade or not?