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[802.3af] RE: Why we need the "Power Force On" function as described by table 3 3-15 page 75 line 13.

Why this tool has to be inserted in the state flow.
There are many tools and yet they are not in the state flow, they are implementation specific.
In this case this is a bad tool that may be used to bypass the detection! why? because it is in the state flow and it can be used for that purpose.
If it is not in the state flow and is not permitted formally, one still can do it based on proprietary implementation, so if because of that some damage happen,
the technology will not be blamed for it only the user. In our case, it can be argued that since it is permitted by the standard it is "OK".
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Subject: Re: Why we need the "Power Force On" function as described by table 3 3-15 page 75 line 13.


The ability that we have put in is a tool.
Whether or not you choose to make this tool accessible in your product is a product (software driver) issue and perhaps an SNMP issue, not ours.


At 05:03 PM 2/23/2003 +0200, Yair Darshan wrote:


Why we need this ability?

I am worried about the situation that system manager/IT manager will turn on this function (because he can..) and leave it on and non compliant PDs will be connected to this port and will be damaged.

Now when I will get complains from customers that "PDs" was damaged how can I prove that it was done by using the above function and not in normal mode?

Can you imagine the damage and potentially bad reputation for this technology?

The access to turn on this function  can be anywhere on the globe.

Remember that we had worked hard to have reliable detection mechanism and now we have a back door to bypass it at test mode.

(For the digital guys: it is like having security system with a key to by pass it and the key is a public domain...)

Please advise why we allow this function?