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[RE] Presentations for meeting


Please plan on the following presentations from myself:

Title: Bursting and bunching, worst case scenarios
Time:  20 minutes
Paper: dvjBurstAndBunch2005Sep26.pdf

Title: Synchronous pacing
Time:  20 minutes
Paper: dvjSyncPacing2005Sep26.pdf

Title: Rate-based pacing
Time:  20 minutes
Paper: dvjRatePacing2005Sep26.pdf

Title: Time synchronization
Time:  20 minutes
Paper: dvjTimeSync2005Sep26.pdf

Overall reference:

All documents are posted on, feel free
to copy these to the server.

I might be able make them only 15 minutes, if time is short.
However, that would be assuming I could cut the MS/NF dialogs
during in the questions and answers.

Presentation slides coming by Wednesday. I have some schedule
constraints, will keep you informed when more is known.