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[RE] Material for Sept 29/30 meeting

Title: Material for Sept 29/30 meeting
There is a batch of material that has been uploaded for the meeting on the 29th and 30th. See

Subscription Protocol and Admission Control in Residential Ethernet    Felix Feng    Samsung
Simulation Results On 802.1p and Pacing Approaches    Felix Feng    Samsung
Analysis of Clock Synchronization Approaches for Residential Ethernet    Geoff Garner and Kees den Hollander    Samsung
Delay and Delay Variation Simulation Results for Multi-hop Conventional Ethernet Cases with Bursting/Bunching    Geoff Garner    Samsung
Meeting ResE Requirements: A Simulation Study    Geoff Garner and Felix Feng    Samsung
Rate-based scheduling (text)    David V. James    JGG
Bursting and bunching, worst case (text)    David V. James    JGG
Clock synchronization (text)    David V. James    JGG

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