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[RE] DVJ white paper update


Hope the weather in Vancouver is pleasant and
this week's activities are progressing well.

I had attempted to update my white paper in time for
the Vancouver meeting. Due to various conflicts,
I was only partially successful. Results are at:
  Full white paper:
  Frame formats and time-sync only:
Presumably, these will also be copied over to the IEEE
web site.

I was able to update the structural changes to
"Clause 7 Timer synchronization" and fixed some
outstanding editorials from GC on the white paper.

I was unable to finish the Clause 7 state machine
details, so several equations are missing and
(I suspect) a few have errors. I will try to review
and fix these over the weekend.

If the RE SG has the opportunity, I would greatly
appreciate a quick scan over Clause 7, for clarity
but not detailed correctness. This would help me
understand where work is needed.

I fully understand that such an opportunity may
not be available and I hate to burden the work
of this group. So, if times are constrained,
please feel free to downgrade this request
to be a friendly FYI.