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[RE] Moving to 802.1 ... Part 1, the reflector

Title: Moving to 802.1 ... Part 1, the reflector
The ResE effort is moving to 802.1 as part of a new Task Group: “Residential Bridges” ... Part of this process is going to be to move all email traffic from the existing “STDS-802-3-RE” address to the “STDS-802-1-L” address. Everyone that is NOT already on that 802.1 list needs to do so within the next two weeks, since I will then be asking David Law to shut this one down.

To join the 802.1 reflector (they call it an “exploder”), use the normal IEEE 802 ListServ interface at
or use the directed “no login” form at

There will be a new web page for the task group soon, and it will be cross-linked to the old 802.3 site, which will be left as-is so that existing links to content on that site will not be broken.  I’ll let everyone know when the new site is up.
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