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Re: [RE] [802.1] Mail reflectors for Congestion Management and Residential Bridging

I'm not the one in charge, but let me try to
answer as much some of your questions based
on my perceptions.
The Residential Ethernet reflector has been:
The is migrating to:
However, during the migration some of use are continuing to
use the old reflector, due to:
1) Bad habits: we have always done so.
2) Policy concerns: In previous months (years?), some folks
     have communicate strong constraints-on-use policies for
     802 reflectors. So, some of us are gunshy.
I suspect that (1) will be solved over time.
On the topic of (2), a refresh of the usage statement would be
helpful. If we are now allowed to propose/coordinate informal
open get-togethers on the 802-1-L reflector, the need for
separate reflectors might disappear.
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Subject: [802.1] Mail reflectors for Congestion Management and Residential Bridging

Do the groups working on Congestion Management and Residential Bridging have their won reflectors? If true, is it possible for somebody to send me or to the 802.1 reflector information about how to subscribe?
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