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Re: [RE] Action item resulting from discussion of ResE logistics in 1588 call

The current thinking on synchronization desires/requirements is succinctly stated in Geoff Garner’s Synchronization presentation:


From: David V James [mailto:dvj@ALUM.MIT.EDU]
Sent: Friday, December 02, 2005 8:45 PM
Subject: Re: [RE] Action item resulting from discussion of ResE logistics in 1588 call




I have concerns with the stated approach.

I think we have to understand what we would desire

first, which we can then use to compare how well

1588 comes to that ideal.


Without a good strawman, its hard to be precise

about what portions of 1588 (or some of the

speculative features conceived for revisions)

would fit into the picture.


I therefore would continue to encourage that this

be done in two phases (which can be in parallel):

  1) Define/refine the strawman.

  2) Compare features of strawman and existing 1588.

Actually, the 1588 chair recommended that (2) would

be useful, which can only be done after (1).




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From: Geoffrey M. Garner [mailto:gmgarner@COMCAST.NET]
Sent: Thursday, December 01, 2005 9:37 AM
Subject: [RE] Action item resulting from discussion of ResE logistics in 1588 call



The question of the logistics for bringing ResE related timing/synch work to 1588 was discussed in the 1588 call today (under new business).  It was felt that, before deciding the details of which subcommittee the work should be discussed in and how the work should be submitted, a clearer understanding is needed of what the work is.  We need to be more precise in (1) what aspects of 1588 we can simply reference and use, (2) what aspects of 1588 make it non-usable for ResE, and (3) what aspects could be used with modifications.  We have indicated we will use the existing 1588 and leverage the new version to the fullest extent possible; we need to be more precise on this.

It was asked that we prepare a VG presentation (approx 1/2 hour in length) for an upcoming 1588 call (the calls are the first and third Thursdays of each month, so the next calls are December 15 and January 5).


The reason a VG presentation is needed is that there is an existing 1588 PAR for the new version.  Work can not simply be added to the PAR; it needs to be understood to what extent the ResE timing/synch work fits in the existing PAR and to what extent a new PAR would be needed.  It also needs to be understood to what extent the work would have impact on existing 1588 applications.  The VG presentation should address items (1) - (3) above; it seems to me it would also be useful to list the items needed for timing/synch that are not currently in 1588 at all.   It seems to me it would be ideal to try to have this by the December 15 1588 call if possible (that allows 2 ResE calls for discussion - 12/7 and 12/14).


Best regards,




Geoffrey M. Garner

Samsung (Consultant)





To the above, I would add that items we need that are not currently in 1588 should also be