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[RE] Comment on VG 3 in pkg "Res Bridges Arch Outline..."

In the ResB (ResE) call last Wednesday you presented a VG package:  "Residential Bridges Architectural Outline (or: where does all this fit?)" and asked us to send you any comments.  I indicated I had a comment on slide 3; here it is in more detail.  The first dashed item under Precise Synchronization would read better as:
Network provides well synchronized "epoch" clock with adequate quality for CE applications with most stringent timing requirements
In addition, I may have a comment on the use of the word "epoch", but I first want to ask what you meant by this.  In IEEE 1588 "epoch" is defined as "The reference time defining the origin of a time scale."  Also, in 1588 the definition of "clock" includes the sentence:  "A node that is capable of providing a measurement of the passage of time since a defined epoch."  (The definition goes on to indicate that clock means ordinary clock or boundary clock unless otherwise stated (this is for the current 1588, so transparent clock is not mentioned).)  In any case, by including the word "epoch" did you mean that the network would provide a clock whose time readings would be relative to a well-defined origin refererence time?  Or, did you mean something else?
Best regards,
Geoffrey M. Garner
Samsung (Consultant)