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[RE] Uploaded revision to presentation from Vancouver mtg

At the Vancouver meeting I made a presentation on behalf of my Samsung colleague Sihai Wang; the title was
"Improvements to Boundary Clock Based Time Synchronization through Cascaded Switches"
I indicated that I had prepared several of the slides, including slides 8 -10 which provided slightly more detail on
the compensation algorithms.  I also indicated that I had accidently made 2 minor errors in slides 9 and 10 in the version that was posted in the official ResE area for the meeting (under the 802.3 web site).   I corrected the 2 VGs for the presention (i.e., I presented the corrected version), and have now uploaded the corrected version.  It is currently accessible under:
then click on
(note that I had to shorten the file name compared to the version on the ResE web site).
I will shortly send Michael email asking him to place this in the official web site for the Vancouver meeting.
The 2 errors were as follows (you can see them by comparing slides 9 and 10 in the 2 versions):
1) in the last 2 sub-bullet items on slide 9, I had the 2 terms interchanged (the first sub-bullet item should refer to ClockDiffCount sub n/SlaveClockCount sub n, and the 2nd to MasterClockCount sub n/SlaveClockCount sub n (the posted VGs had these interchanged))
2) in the last sub-bullet item on slide 10, the reference should be to ClockDiffCount, not MasterClockCount
Best regards,
Geoffrey M. Garner
Samsung (Consultant)