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[RE] uploaded revision of VGs for 1588, based on comments from call Wednesday 12/7

I just uploaded a revision to the VG package for 1588:
Logistics for ResE Timing/Synchronization Work
The VGs may be accessed at:
then click on:
logistics-timing-synch-work-r1.pdf (make sure you get the r1 version, as the previous version without the r1 is still there)
I expect Michael will move this to the 802.1 area shortly.
The revision incorporates comments from the discussion in the call last Wednesday (12/7).
Note that I have not yet changed the name or acronym, as a new name and acronym are still under discussion
(I would like to avoid changing this multiple times).  I did add a sub-bullet item in the outline that discussions of a new name are underway.  I also omitted the list of phase and frequency compensation schemes that was in the previous version; now I simply mention phase and frequency compensation scheme as one item that is needed.  This is in line with one of the comments; however, I had indicated in the call that I would like to include this in the event David includes detailed description of one of the schemes in his presentation.
John Eidson (the 1588 chair) has scheduled time in the agenda for the 1588 call this coming Thursday 12/15) for this presentation and David's presentation (30 minutes total).  If we discuss this in the ResE call this week (December 14), then I can make any final changes before the 1588 call on Thursday.   However, John asked that preliminary versions of both presenations be sent to the 1588 reflector as soon as possible, i.e., we should not wait until Wednesday evening.  He said it would be ok to indicate that the version being sent is preliminary.  I therefore will send this to 1588 shortly, with a note indicating that it will be discussed in the ResE call Wednesday and a final version will be sent after that call.
Please let me know if you have any comments on the revision.
Best regards,
Geoffrey M. Garner
Samsung (Consultant)