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[STDS-802-Privacy] Locally-administered bit and OUI registration

Hi all,

I'm currently working on studying the adoption of MAC address
randomization over time.
As you know, vendors have to register a OUI (also called MA-L) at IEEE
before using it to generate MAC addresses for its devices [1].
Some (but not all) devices set the locally administered (LA) bit of the
OUI part of their MAC address to 1 when using a random MAC address.
I'm wondering if the newly-created OUI has to be registered as well to
be used; I can't seem to find any text stating if this has to be done or
not, or if this is done implicitly.
In the whole oui.txt file (listing all registered OUIs), a little bit
more than a dozen OUI withs the LA bit set to one are listed, and do not
correspond to devices actually seen in the wild doing MAC address

So, my questions are:
- are there any texts specifying whether OUI with LA bit set to 1 have
to be registered to be used?
- are there any texts stating that OUI with LA bit set to 1 is
automatically reserved for the vendor when the correspond OUI with LA
bit set to 0 is registered?

[1] :

Célestin Matte