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Re: [STDS-802-Privacy] Locally-administered bit and OUI registration


Thanks for the answers.

I found answers to my questions in this document:
"all OUI assignments made by the IEEE RA have M and X bits equal to
zero." →  otherwise, they're CID, and
"Use of a CID is appropriate when MAC addresses are not needed"
The document also discusses how CID can be used to generate
locally-administered, not globally unique MAC addresses.
The point is that IEEE does not indeed assign OUI with LA bit set to 1
(otherwise they're called CID and can't be used for MAC addresses).

Furthermore, this note responds to my comment about invalid OUI in the
oui.txt file:
"NOTE – A very small number of assignments made prior to adoption of
IEEE 802 standards have the X bit equal to one (BlockID assignments)."

Célestin Matte