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Re: [802SEC] +++10 Day EC Email Ballot (Closes no later than 11 May 2007)+++Motion to approve Doc. 18-07-0026 PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO [IMT.TECH]+++



> From: "Michael Lynch" <mjlynch@NORTEL.COM>
> Date: 2007/05/01 Tue AM 07:29:13 EDT
> To: <stds-802-sec@IEEE.ORG>
> Subject: [802SEC] +++10 Day EC Email Ballot (Closes no later than 11
> May 2007)+++Motion to approve Doc. 18-07-0026 PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO
> [IMT.TECH]+++
> Dear EC members,
> During the March Plenary meeting it was decided that 802.18 would work
> by conference call to develop an input on IMT Advanced requirements
> for the May meeting of ITU-R WP8F. To that end there were six
> conference calls held. The EC was provided summaries of each of those
> calls.
> On 30 April 802.18 met by conference call to vote on the final
> document.
> The pool of eligible voters included the chairs of the participating
> WGs, and a quorum was present. A roll call vote was conducted and the
> document, 18-07-0026, was approved. The tally was 12/0/0.
> This document is not meant to be the only input from IEEE 802
> regarding IMT Advanced. It may be that there will be additional inputs
> to ITU-R WP8F on this topic and others.
> This input proposes changes to an existing ITU-R WP8F document. The
> normal format for submitting a document such as this to ITU-R is with
> the changes tracked. We realized that this can make review of the
> document more complicated. What 802.18 has done is to provide the EC
> with two versions of Doc. 18-07-0026; one with change bars and one
> without. Both are available at, in the March
> 2007 meeting documents folder.
> As was agreed when this process was started there will be parallel
> ballots in the EC and in the WGs that participated. The 30 April
> meeting directed me to present 18-07-0026 to the EC for approval.
> Motion: Moved by Mike Lynch, seconded by Roger Marks
> To approve document 18-07-0026-00-0000 PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO
> [IMT.TECH] as an 802 document, authorizing the chair of 802.18 to do
> necessary editorial and formatting changes and, using the document as
> a "template", create the appropriate input to ITU-R WP8F.
> Informative: This document provides ITU-R WP8F with the views of IEEE
> 802 on the topic of IMT Advanced requirements.
> This ballot opens at midnight CDT Tuesday 1 May and closes at midnight
> CDT Saturday 12 May 2007.
> Regards,
> Mike

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