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Re: [802SEC] It doesn't have to be either or

I think a university campus would be fine. I'm willing to sacrifice the
convenience of having most of the attendees in one or two hotels in
order to get a non-NA venue that works for us. 

An important issue that needs to be addressed for a non-hotel based
meeting is transportation (unless we expect most of our attendees to be
in on-campus student accomodation) - the site should have good public
transit access. Geneva at the ITU worked well because people could
easily get from their hotels to the ITU by hopping on a tram or bus -
transit was even free there with an access card provided by your hotel.
The IETF in Vienna was at a conference center (one connected to the UN
facility there) next to a metro stop. Most attendees were scattered in
downtown hotels - again with easy access by the metro or tram.


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Mat -

I have indeed tried to take just such an active role in the past - on 
that occasion we came up against apathy on the part of the target 
hotel & the idea crashed and burned.

Any solutions in the UK are likely to be based around university 
campuses as far as I can tell. If that sounds at all interesting I 
will see what I can do with the contacts I have. But it would almost 
certainly NOT involve accommodation in a single hotel - maybe not 
even in a hotel at all (student accommodation for example). In the 
days when I was doing ISO SC21 I went to several meetings that were 
organized on that basis.


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