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[802SEC] NIST doc Security Review of Consumer Home Iot Products Notice

Dear IEEE 802 EC,
NIST has issued an open/public comment period for its Draft NISTIR 8267Security Review of Consumer Home Internet of Things (IoT) Products. The public comment period is open to 1 November.

The draft document is at:

Draft NIST Interagency or Internal Report (NISTIR) 8267, Security Assessment of Consumer Home IoT Products, presents the results of technical assessments on security features of smart light bulbs, security lights, security cameras, doorbells, plugs, thermostats, and televisions. This report provides recommendations, along with information on the observations of the devices' security features, to indicate current practices and how these current practices could be improved. 

In scanning the document I do see Wi Fi and MAC addresses noted. 

Since this is comment into a US body, IEEE USA is the point for comments and will be making the submission. They kindly ask that we provide feedback to them by 29 Oct, 12pm EDT to include in the submission.

I have attached a comment sheet for 802 to complete to capture its comments. Please use this form to input your comments. I have also posted it on as a google sheet. Please let me know who I should add to the google sheet doc so if they prefer they can enter their input in that doc.


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