Standardization of Broadband Over Power Line Technologies


Only WG P1675 and WG P1775 we be meeting 25-26 May 2005,

Long Beach, CA

The IEEE BPL Study Group, scheduled for 25-26 May 2005 in Long Beach, California, has been cancelled, in conjunction with UTC Telecom 2005. However, two of the three Working Groups that were scheduled to meet along with the Study Group, will meet as follows:
  • IEEE P1675, Standard for Broadband over Power Line Hardware, will meet Wednesday, 25 May, from 1-4pm. Please contact Working Group Chair Terry Burns for additional information,
  • IEEE P1775, will meet Thursday, 26 May, from 9-5pm. Please contact Working Group chair Aron Viner for additional information,

BPL Meeting 14 January 2005,

San Diego, CA

13 October 2004 Meeting BPL, IEEE,

Piscataway, New Jersey


7 June 2004 BPL Meeting,

Denver, CO

20 July 2004 Meeting BPL, IEEE,

Piscataway, New Jersey


Next Meeting: TBD



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