IEEE 1450-6-1
OCI (Open Compression Interface)

Active Team Members:
Bruce Cory (Chair), Rohit Kapur, Brion Keller, Mark Kassab, Dwayne Burek, Steve Oakland, Kee Sup Kim, Manish Dandekar, Geir Eide, Al Crouch, Andreas Glowatz, Rolf Schlagenhaft, Chouki Aktouf, Phil Burlison

Public Information

PAR for OCI as IEEE 1450-6-1

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Status of OCI Activities

Private Information

Calender of Events
(Meetings are on Every Alternate Friday)
Date Location Purpose/Agenda Docs
Fri, TBD, 9am-10am (PST) Call-in OCI working meeting, Agenda Docs for Meeting

OCI Documents
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