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SCC40 (Earth Observation)

The Earth Observations Standards Coordinating Committee (SCC 40) oversees the development of standards that are essential to the functioning of the Global Earth Observations System of Systems (GEOSS). This includes standards related to sensor systems, telemetry and other networked communications, data processing, data archiving and cataloging, data searching and access, data portrayal, and decision support systems.

GEOSS crosses many boundaries - geophysical domain (solid earth, oceans, atmosphere), technical, and societal, not to mention political.  Likewise, the standards that GEOSS will require will span the interests of many of IEEE's societies.

IEEE was invited to participate in the development of GEOSS because of its worldwide membership and global influence on technical matters of importance to GEOSS. IEEE brings expertise through its members and Societies over a wide range of relevant technologies, and its internationally recognized standards development.

The IEEE Committee on Earth Observations (ICEO) Standards Working Group (ISWG) and the GEO Standards Interoperability Forum (GEO SIF) interface with the GEO Architecture and Data Committee, which oversees all architecture and data management aspects of the design, coordination, and implementation of GEOSS. Where progress towards the goals of GEOSS are impeded, due to missing or inadequate standards, the ISWG or SIF will ask SCC 40 to undertake the appropriate study and development to resolve the issues. SCC 40 will serve as the liaison with IEEE and non-IEEE national and international organizations of similar scope.

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