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Power and Manufacturing Sector (PMSS)

Subgroup Scope:

This subgroup will include those involved with Electric Power Generation, Electric Power Transmission, Electric Power Distribution, and Electrical Loads which includes the Transportation Industry, Industrial Processes, and Residential Dwellings. This subgroup will analyze the most likely Electric Power Plan for the future going forward from the infrastructure in existence today by evaluating limits on resources, economics, and availability of technologies. This plan will be presented as a long-term plan that can be applied to any country for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The group will determine which technologies will likely emerge or need to be developed and what standards may be needed for the application of these technologies. Standards that will be needed to support the various aspects of the Electric Power Plan will also be identified.

Subgroup Work Plan:

The subgroup will study the various additions to the existing infrastructure to support the Electric Power Plan and identify time phases needed to reach a final version of the electric power system. These additions include industrial processes that reduce greenhouse gas emissions through both energy efficiency and other technologies tied to electric power; interaction and operation of the electric system to support energy efficiency methods for residential reductions in greenhouse gas emissions; electrical grid operational and infrastructure requirements for transportation industry electrical consumption by personal vehicles, commercial vehicles, and mass transit; generation operation, configurations, and integration with the electrical grid for renewable technologies, clean fossil technologies, and nuclear technologies; generation and electric infrastructure requirements for meeting the Electric Power Plan phases; energy efficiency methods of operation, equipment, and utilization of the electric infrastructure.

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