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Nomenclature and Terminology (NT&S)

Subgroup Scope:

The objective of the study group is to identify potential areas that may require common nomenclature and terminology to be developed in support of the other subgroups. 
The report developed by the group will be reviewed annually by SCC40 in the future and modified based on new breakthroughs not identified in the report, completed research, and options which become feasible.

Subgroup Work Plan:

The duties of the Nomenclature and Terminology Subgroup (NT&S) are shown below:
1)       Subgroup Study Approach
a)      The group will assign a member as a liaison with the other three subgroups. The liaison will participate in the teleconferences of the other subgroups and identify areas where development of nomenclature and terminology would contribute to the subgroup.  
b)      The liaison will develop a list of nomenclature and terms used by the subgroup and submit the list to the NT&S for consideration.
c)      The terms will be discussed at the bi-weekly meetings of the NT&S and a terminology data sheet will be initiated for each term. 
d)      Include a timeline for a short, mid, and long term phase. Identify the long term phase first.
e)      Write up a report with the facts, the methods used to evaluate the data, and the rationale behind the results.
f)        Evaluate the impacts other task forces may have on the results of the task force report and re-evaluate the data combined with other task force results when necessary.
g)      Repost the revised report for others to make adjustments as necessary.
h)      Combine all reports into a single document with an overall picture of the nomenclature and terminology
i)        Identify standards that will be needed from the overall timeline. These standards should not be limited to IEEE standards.
 Material that the group develops including biweekly reports will be posted on the SCC40 website in a secure location. When the work group requires a document from an outside organization or the IEEE, the task force leader will request the document from the subgroup leader. The subgroup leader will then obtain the document from the IEEE where possible and post it in the secure section of the website where allowed. The subgroup leader will notify the task force leader of the document’s availability. The task forces will discuss issues that come up in a biweekly teleconference of the subgroup. Each member of a task force will be assigned tasks to perform for the task force. If a member is not contributing, the task force leader will indicate this in the roster and return it to the subgroup leader. When the task force needs additional resources in the form of members, the leader will request members from the subgroup chair. The subgroup chair will obtain additional members for the subgroup and provide the contact information for these additional members to the task force leader. The Task Force Leader may recommend additional members for approval by the sub-group Chair.
2)      Subgroup Schedule
The subgroup will hold teleconferences biweekly. The task forces will provide progress reports biweekly and identify any problems they encounter. The subgroup leader will provide the progress reports to the study group in the monthly study group leader meeting. The subgroup will have the questions refined and identify all of the other groups/organizations that may have data to help the group answer the questions by June 2009. A study group extension or PAR will be developed to complete the work needed to develop the roadmap and identify standards that are needed as well as research that is needed.
3)      Subgroup Team
The subgroup team is identified by task force and position in a spreadsheet that will be maintained on the secure section of the website. The contact information for each member is listed in the spreadsheet.
4)      Subgroup Organization
The subgroup is composed of a leader, a secretary, three liaisons with the other subgroups, and a terminology task force. The subgroup will be composed of several individuals that are each contributing working members and some IEEE staff members. The members will be a diverse international group that represents industrial, residential, and power system members as well as manufacturers and academia.
5)      Subgroup Milestones
The milestones for the group will include the following:
a)      Reach agreement on initial management details
b)      Identify all groups with work that may have information that could be used to answer each question
c)      Develop subgroup report
d)      Identify all standards that may be needed
6)      Subgroup Reports
The task forces will generate a report biweekly. These will be informal reports with no specific format. These reports will indicate details of the work accomplished since the previous report and any problems encountered.
The subgroup will provide a formal report to the study group monthly. This report will primarily consist of data from the task force reports. The report will include the members of the task forces, the work accomplished, and any problems encountered.

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