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Standards Study Group for Climate Change and Greenhouse Management

The IEEE Standards Association is examining potential interest in standards development related to climate change and greenhouse gas management. In response to initial interest, and to move forward on this assessment, in June of last year, the IEEE-SA sponsored a workshop to discuss the status of standards on these topics and to start to identify gap areas. See workshop presentations at link below:

In particular during discussions during the workshop and afterwards, four areas were identified as possibilities for future standards development within IEEE.

  • Terms and Semantics to foster a common lexicon concerning concerning greenhouse gas management
  • Framework for valuation of carbon impacts and measurements addressing life-cycle issues
  • Process and framework for master global table of carbon sources (including actual carbon content values)
  • Energy efficiency - sector specific e.g. for Energy/Electric Power, ICT (information communications technology) sectors and cross sector impacts (e.g. for carbon trading).

From its discussions over a period of 6 months or less, will develop one or more Project Approval Requests (PARs) to initiate new standards development.

This study group is being led by Jay Pearlman ( and is under the sponsorship of IEEE SCC (Standards Coordinating Committee) 40 Earth Observation led by Siri Jodha Khalsa ( and is expected to conclude its activity by July 2009.

Much of the study group work will be done via teleconferences and emails focused on specific topics although there is a possibility of one or two face-to-face meetings. Part of the work may involve coordination with other groups such as ISO TC 207 for Environmental Management and ITU's new Focus Group on ICTs and Climate Change. To refine the scope of this future IEEE standards development, the group is looking for any additional information you may have on other existing standards, standards development within or outside of IEEE on these and related topics. For any questions or more information, please contact Jay Pearlman, the subgroup leaders, or Cherry Tom ( on the IEEE-SA staff.

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