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Voltage Sag Ride-through Working Group

Welcome to the IEEE IAS P1668 Working Group web site. This web site has been developed to expedite the dissemination of information to working group members. On this site, you will find a listing of all active working group members, minutes of past meetings, information on the next meeting, and the latest draft of the reccomemded practice (secure area). The document that will be published by this working is"

"Recommended Practice for Voltage Sag and Interruption Ride-through Testing for End-use Electrical Equipment Less than 1,000 Volts"

Currently, there is no standard test methodology that ensures that the evaluation of equipment sensitivity to voltage sags, swells, and interruptions is performed in a technically defensible and consistent manner. Both manufacturers and end-use customers need a standard test methodology in order to evaluate the ride-through capabilities of end-use electrical equipment and devices. The purpose of the project is the development of a technically defensible test method for determining electrical equipment sensitivity to voltage sags, swells, and interruptions. This document will provide a minimum performance criteria for customers to specify during the purchasing process. This standard will also recommend a standard for the response of electrical equipment to voltage sags. The standard will describe a level of performance to be used as a criteria for acceptance of the product. End users will be able to use the standard in their purchase specifications to ensure the required level of performance. The document will apply to any electrical equipment that can experience nuisance shutdowns due to reductions in supply voltage.

For more information on becoming a member of the IEEE IAS P1668 Working Group, please contact either the Chairperson or Secretary of the working group.


The CIGRE joint working group C4.110 final report is now available. Entitled "Voltage Dip Immunity of Equipment and Installations", the report is available at no cost for download on the Union of Electricy Applications (UIE) website at The findings from this report should be instrumental in guiding future voltage sag related power quality standards.


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