Minutes from the Last Meeting

Minutes of the IEEE Textile, Fiber and Film Committee Meeting

October 6, 1998 at the Embassy Suites in Greenville, South Carolina

The meeting was called to order at 8:35 a.m. and all were welcomed by Chairman Robert Henderson.

Attendance Record

Robert Henderson reviewed subject of membership growth of chapter and discussed prior mailer to prospective members. Soliciting inputs as to topics of interest that would improve future conferences and make the conference attractive to new members. The results of mailer were 25 responses. A similar letter is planned to be mailed to Engineering managers at Industrial Facilities in the chapter-covered area. Robert solicited from each attending member a list of known engineering managers that could be added to this future mailing list. Robert mentioned the chapter WEB Site (which is very impressive) generated by Jeff Dougherty. Bud Becker expressed concern if we were reaching the correct people with mailer.

Breakout by subcommittee at 9:05 a.m.

Operating Subcommittee Reports

Following breakout and discussion by various subcommittees: full committee reconvened at 10:00 a.m.

Reports from each subcommittee chairperson were received on proposed papers and tutorials. A total of 21 prospective subjects were mentioned.

Lew Dorrity, Vice Chairman, polled committee members to see the number of probable papers, which resulted in 10 being mentioned.

The following dates for paper were stressed:

November 26th   Abstract Due
January 15th        First Draft Due
February 15th      Final Draft Due

Lew also sent a "CALL FOR PAPERS" to the four Universities in the chapters coverage area that have Textile Schools soliciting papers.

Full Committee Business Meeting

Robert Henderson called the business meeting to order at 11:00 a.m.


The minutes of the May 5,1998 meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina were presented and corrected as follows. The date of the October 7,1977 was corrected to be October 7,1997.

Also corrected was the 1999 conference dates. Dates were corrected to be May 4,5,6 and not as minutes mentioned of May 5,6,7.

Standing Subcommittee Reports:


Nothing to report


Ron Ghizzoni mentioned we have work to do in this arena, Phil Camp mentioned the survey mailers, the Web site was also mentioned and ideas were solicited to see if ways this could be improved and made more effective. The subject of funding for advertising in various Textile Journals was discussed. Treasury Bob Balmes mentioned funds for such activity does exist.


Nothing to report

Records and History

Nothing to report

Paper Review

Lew Dorrity raised the issue if the best paper from May 5,1998 conference in Charlotte has been submitted to IEEE for publication.

IEEE-IAS, Standard Liaison

Subject of subcommittee and its function was discussed and we were reminded that this subcommittee was part of IEEETFFC By Laws. Chairman to discuss with subcommittee chairman to review focus of this committee

TOD Safety Liaison

Nothing to report

Treasurer's Report

Bob Balmes provided an updated financial report incorporating May 5,1998 conference activities. Mentioned was the subject of attendance and cost of pro-rating cost over number of conference attendees. If this is not improved, it was mentioned that financially we could be approaching a negative state. Also mentioned was preferred manner in which IEEE nationally suggest that banking accounts be closed and open each chapter year. At the closing each chapter is to file for loan for future expenditures until revenue is generated by each chapter. Walt Lukitsch suggested that is account is closed that we automatically request a $2000 loan for initial operating expenses.

Adjourn for Lunch 12:00

Reconvene Meeting at 1:05 p.m.

Discussion of mailer and promotion of Atlanta Conference was revisited with Walt Lukitsch suggesting that chapter consider that an advance mailer be made by Nov1, 1998 to existing mailings list. Walt stated that if agreed upon by chapter he could get corporate sponsorship for cost of mailing. This mailer would plant the seed for potential conference attendees and at the same time request registration at this time. This would allow closer planning on attendees and financially allow the chapter to plan better.

Bud Becker made a motion and a second from John Henderson that a committee consisting of Chairman and chapter members in immediate Charlotte area (Bud Becker, Jeff Dougherty, Tom Nield, Phil Camp) develop a letter for advance registration to Atlanta a conference.

Also Robert Henderson, Bud Becker, and Phil Camp will meet and joint review State Industrial Directory and state NSPE directory in hopes of generating a mailing list of high profile potential conference attendees.

Conference Committee Reports

1999 Conference in Atlanta - John Henderson is Chairman. John distributed to members a conference agenda (copy attached) The conference is scheduled for May 4,5,6 at

Atlanta Marriott North Central Hotel
2000 Century Blvd,North East
Atlanta, Ga 30345
Phone: 400-325-000

Registration Cut Off Date is April 19,1998.

Room rates are locked in at $109.00 single/double. Banquet and entertainment, "The Young Singers of Callanwolde", will be entertainment the night of banquet on May 5th.

A tutorial is to be included on May 4th activities. Tutorial is proposed to be NEC UPDATE by Pete Rhea. (Mr. Rhea is retired Duke Power is very versed on the NEC and trains the North Carolina Inspectors.)

Also note the agreed upon updated fee schedule that is now in effect. As shown on John ‘s Report. Chapter agreed upon trimming back number of anticipated attendees at each function of Atlanta Conference as so noted.

2000 Conference in Greenville - Ron Ghizzoni is chairman He had proposal from the Hyatt with a room rate of $97.00 per night for 125 room-nights. Motion was made and second by Bob Daniels that conference be changed to Embassy Suites. Chapter passed motion. Ron to negotiate with Embassy Suites and notify chapter at next meeting.

2001 Conference in Charlotte - Jeff Dougherty was assigned to chair this conference and is in process of investigating rates at Hyatt South Park, The Marriott, and Sheraton Inn. To report to chapter at next meeting

2002 Conference in Atlanta-John Henderson has agreed to chair this conference. Lew Dorrity agreed to assist John.

Old Business

Jeff Dougherty discussed the possibility of link for Chapter’s WEB site to ISA and IEEE Chapter’s

New Business

Lew Dorrity called for papers and solicited all sponsors of writers to constantly remind authors of due dates.

Ron Glenn to contact state of South Carolina and or Georgia to solicit luncheon speaker for Atlanta conference to discuss annual PDH requirement to retain professional license

Meeting was adjourned at 11:45 am.

Nomination for new incoming chapter officers (Effective July 1999) were voted on and approved by members as follows:

CHAIRMAN: Lewis Dorrity
VICE CHAIRMAN: John Henderson
SECRETARY: Larry Sloan

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

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