What is the Textile, Fiber & Film Committee?


The Textile Industry Subcommittee of the General Industry Applications Committee of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers was organized in 1947. The organization was the result of the work of a group of foresighted engineers who recognized the need to promote progress in the manufacture, application, installation, use and maintenance of electrical equipment for the textile industry.

The purpose of the new committee was to sponsor conferences to study electrical problems peculiar to the textile industry and to disseminate pertinent information concerning these problems. As a result of goals achieved, the Subcommittee obtained full committee status in 1960.

As the textile industry changed through the years, the Committee expanded to include related activities in the fiber and film industries. In recognition of this increased scope of activity, the name was changed in 1989 to the Textile, Fiber and Film Industry Committee. The scope of the Textile, Fiber and Film Committee is the treatment of all matters within the scope of the Industry Applications Society in which the emphasis or dominant factors specifically relates to the textile, fiber, film, carpet, yarn, fabric, non-woven and related process industry.


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