Project of a new IEEE Standard on Jitter Measurement

Revised 14-February-2012 by Sergio Rapuano


The purpose of the standard is to solve the problem due to the confusion existing in jitter specifications and the coexistence of several measurement methods strictly related to the particular a aspect of jitter to be measured.

A possible standard on jitter measurement should provide:

Terminology: unambiguous, consistent, clear, harmonized with the existing standards

Measurement methods, including measurement system design and guidance


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Current Project


TC10 is considering a jitter standard to address differences between existing standards and common definitions:

dictionaries, Wikipedia

IEEE (Std. 1057, Std. 1241, Std. 181, Std. 1658)

International Telecommunication Union (ITU) standards and recommendations


Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standards

A jitter subcommittee has been set up to that aim.


At the current stage there are some strategic questions to answer.


Should the standard:

focus on the effects of jitter or stay general on the signal characteristics?

aim at the harmonization with the existing standards or propose a new approach?

include specific procedures or general guidance to the uncertainty estimation and statement?


Should the jitter subcommittee:

try to order the list of definitions and figures of merit referring to the same physical quantity?

use direct (timing or aperture jitter) or indirect figures (phase noise, frequency stability, SNRj, etc.)?

introduce a list of application-related definitions and measurement methods?


The discussion is open and anyone is invited to participate.


This working group is part of the Waveform Generation, Measurement and Analysis Technical Committee (TC-10) of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society.

TC-10 is working on a pulse measurement standard. (Standard 181)

TC-10 is also working on a waveform recorder standard. (Standard 1057)

TC-10 is also working on a digital to analog converter standard. (Standard 1658)


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