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Designation: 1484.12.1-2002

Sponsor: Computer Society/Learning Technology Standards Committee

Title: IEEE Standard for Learning Object Metadata

Status: Approved Publication of IEEE

Technical Contact: Wayne Hodgins, Phone:415-507-5759, Email:wayne.hodgins@autodesk.com **For non-technical questions, including pricing, availability and ordering, please contact IEEE Customer Service at 1-800-678-IEEE (in U.S.and Canada); or 1-732-981-0060 (outside the U.S. and Canada); or send an email customer.service@ieee.org

History: PAR APP: Mar 19, 1998, BD APP: Jun 13, 2002, ANSI APP: Nov 14, 2002

Project scope: This Standard is a multi-part standard that specifies Learning Object Metadata. This Part specifies a conceptual data schema that defines the structure of a metadata instance for a learning object. For this Standard, a learning object is defined as any entity--digital or non- digital-- that may be used for learning, education or training.