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Designation: 1484.12.2

Sponsor: Computer Society/Learning Technology Standards Committee

Title: Standard for ISO/IEC 11404 binding for Learning Object Metadata data model

Status: Modified Revision Project

Technical Contact: Wayne Hodgins, Phone:415-507-5759, Email:wayne.hodgins@autodesk.com **For non-technical questions, including pricing, availability and ordering, please contact IEEE Customer Service at 1-800-678-IEEE (in U.S. and Canada); or 1-732-981-0060 (outside the U.S. and Canada); or send an email customer.service@ieee.org

History: PAR APP: Mar 19, 1998

Project scope: This standard specifies an ISO/IEC 11404:1996 (Language Independent Datatypes) binding of the IEEE 1484.12.1 data model. An implementation that conforms to 1484.12.2 must conform to 1484.12.1

Project purpose: The purpose of this standard is to provide precise data model semantics, as permitted by the 11404 notation. The 11404 notation may be useful for bindings to programming languages and other systems.