namespace http://xml/metadataSharing.xsd

Element Summary
malwareMetaDataThis is the top level element for the xml document. 
malwareMetaData.fieldData Prevalence data.  
malwareMetaData.objectPropertiesobjectProperties are properties of objects that do not make sense as relationships. 
malwareMetaData.objectsObjects are globally unique files, urls, domain, registry, ipAddress etc. 
malwareMetaData.relationships Relationships between objects.  


Complex Type Summary
ASNObjectObject used to hold information on Autonomous System Numbers. 
classificationObjectClassification object, used to hold names or classifications of objects. 
domainObjectDomain object, used to hold internet domains, 
entityObjectEntity Object. 
fieldDataEntryData structure to hold prevalence information. 
fileObjectObject definition for files. 
fileObject.extraHashElement for inserting fuzzy hashes, e.g. 
IPAddress ip address - string for the actual address and attribute either ipv4, ipv6  
IPObjectIP object. 
objectPropertyProperty; a reference to the object, a timestamp and an unbounded set of properties  
property A property  
reference Reference element used to hold xpath expressions to objects, for example file[@id="12345"].  
registryObjectRegistry object. 
relationshipRelationships are used to express relationships between objects, and dates. 
relationship.source References to objects at the parent end of the relationship. References to objects at the child end of the relationship.  
uriObjectUri object. 


Simple Type Summary
ClassificationTypeEnumTop level types of classification. 
intBetween0and100 Utility type for integers between 0 and 100  
IPTypeEnum Types of IP addresses  
LocationTypeEnum A list of the various ways that geographical location can be represented.  
OriginTypeEnum A list of origins, used in fieldData, to show where objects originated.  
PropertyTypeEnum Property types allowed in an objectProperty.  
RegionTypeEnum A list of regions, currently not used, but encouraged as values for 'region' when describing location.  
RelationshipTypeEnum All the different types of relationship that are possible.  
VolumeUnitsEnum A list of the various units allowed to be used in volume tag in fieldDataEntry  

Schema http://xml/metadataSharing.xsd Description


By default, local element declarations belong to this schema's target namespace.

By default, local attribute declarations have no namespace.

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