Logistics for Meeting #22
Stuttgart, Germany

Meeting Times (provisional):

20 June 2012: 09:00 to 12:00 and 13:30 to 17:00

21 June 2012: 09:00 to 12:00 and 13:30 to 17:00

22 June 2012: 09:00 to 12:00(? tbd)

Meeting Location:

University of Stuttgart
Universitaetsstr. 38
Room 1.212
Stuttgart, DE

Information about the venue:

The meeting place is on the campus of the University of Stuttgart. The campus is in a suburb called Vaihingen. (Do not use this name unfiltered for navigation; you'll end up in the wrong place, since there is a town by the same name about 40 miles away. Likewise do not get confused by a second campus downtown very close to the train station).

We have a near-perfect metro ("S-Bahn", big green "S"-signs) connection to downtown, airport, train station, etc, 12-15 minutes to all these places. The metro station is called University (Universität). One way tickets range from 2,50 (airport-university; university-downtown) to maybe 4,00 Euro. Renting a car is unnecessary, unless you want to tour the surrounding area.

The neighborhood is boring: only two restaurants (Römerhof, see below, and a Pizzeria) and a couple of drinking bars are within walking distance of the campus location. It is very safe to be on the road even late.

Tourist attractions: Black Forest (begins a few miles out of town); Mercedes Museum (in town; truly worthwhile, takes half a day); Porsche Museum (in a suburb; unrated by me), pretty good museums, opera, etc.

How to get there:

Closest airport is STR (Stuttgart). From the US, direct flights on Delta go there from Atlanta (ATL) and on United/Continental from Newark (EWR); everything else from the US connects somewhere. From within Europe, STR is your choice. The meeting place is a 15 minutes metro-ride from the airport. Take any train towards the city and get off at University (the first stop after the train goes seriously underground.)

The other decent airport is FRA (Frankfurt). It connects by high-speed train to Stuttgart. Some trains even count as flights and are sold by Lufthansa. If not cheaply added, this leg is better paid directly to the train system, since not all trains are flights (maybe 20%) and you do not need reservations on the trains. Just get on the next one with a ticket. The regular one-way fare is 54 Euro, 2.Class, no reservation required, but possible for a few Euro. Internet ticketing is available ( Substantially cheaper rates exist if you commit to a specific train at least 3 days ahead. Bad on arrival, because you might be late, but ideal for departure. The trains run every 30-60 minutes depending on the time-of-day, not after say 10 or 11 p.m., though. The ride takes about 70 minutes; the main train-station in Stuttgart is downtown and 12 minutes metro-ride to the meeting place. Flights connecting in Frankfurt may have a long connect time; there just are not many flights because of the trains. Security is, as everywhere, a real hassle on short connect times.

If you arrive by train at Stuttgart Hbf: the metro (S-Bahn) station is on the right side (by train arrival direction) of the train station. Take any train on the S1, S2, or S3 line (directions Vaihingen, Airport, Filderstadt, Boeblingen or Herrenberg) to "Universitaet".

If you arrive by car, see (sorry, only in German, but self-explanatory.)

(Personal advice: avoid Heathrow and Charles-De-Gaulle as connecting airports. Flight delays abound and time for security is unpredictable. Zurich and Amsterdam are decent.)


(all rates as of November 2011)

Universitaetsstr. 36
Phone: +49+711
Fax: +49+711
Single room per night: Euro 52 (weekend), Euro 72 (weekday), includes breakfast

The hotel is 50 yards from the meeting place and as such ideal. It is 125 yards from the subway station. Coming from the airport. take the front subway exit. The hotel is at the other end of the green mall that you emerge to from the station. It is a conference hotel; the rooms are ok, not fancy. Make your reservation as soon as possible; rooms disappear quickly. (On occasion, you may have to prompt them before they send a confirmation.) I certainly recommend this hotel above all. Use the others if this one is full.

-Leicht-Str. 93
Phone: +49+711
-687 880 Fax: +49+711-678 88 60
standard/large single rooms: Euro 80-87/night, including breakfast; small single rooms: Euro 69/night, including breakfast.
These are special rates for University of Stuttgart; therefore, you need to mention that name in your (direct) reservation.

This is a small, typical Swabian hotel, standard issue, approx 750 yards away from the meeting place. There is a bus connection, in case it rains. Good food.

Pullman Stuttgart Fontana
Vollmoellerstr. 5
70563 Stuttgart
Phone: +49+711
-730-0 Fax: +49+711 730-2525 E-Mail:,
Special rates for Stuttgart University: Single room Euro 89 (most weekends), Euro 119 (week) excluding breakfast (+20¬)
These rates are very special. To get them, reservations have to be made in writing (fax) by the University Stuttgart.
To make this happen, send e-mail to my secretary
The hotel offers occasional, even better special deals via the Internet.

A bit more fancy as hotels go. Two subway stops away from the university.

Many downtown hotels in all categories. Stay close to a S-Bahn station, a 10-15min ride to the meeting location.

Weather: check the Internet. Expect temperatures in the 80s, but the range of 65-95 is possible.